About 44 Auto Mart Louisville

We know that car shopping can be a stressful process. Sifting through the countless options available to you to find the perfect vehicle for your needs can be exhausting, and once you’re done, you still have to figure out financing and keep your vehicle maintained. To make your life simpler, the team here at 44 Auto Mart can guide you through the entire car-buying process from start to finish. Once you have the keys to your new car, our skilled technicians are here to help make sure it keeps running like new for years to come.

When you first arrive on our lot, our friendly sales team is standing by to answer any questions that you might have. Modern cars are more complicated than ever before, but our staff knows the pre owned vehicles inside and out. From pickup trucks to SUVs, we have the information you need to choose the right car. Once you have made your choice, our skilled finance team will whip up a loan or lease with competitive terms that match your budget and ownership goals. We work with a variety of lenders to make sure that you can afford the car of your dreams.

44 Auto Mart has been a part of the local community since 1986, and over the past few decades, we’ve done our best to make the Louisville area better for everyone. Not only does that include providing high-quality cars at high-value prices, but it also extends to our charity work and community outreach.

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